The command center for
your mobile app user acquisition

Manage all channels in one place in automated performance driven way. solves the problem of manual work when it comes to channel management, ad operation and budget allocation for user acquisition teams focused on mobile apps by giving them software that they use in-house to be effective.

Allocate / Change budgets with one click, instead of multi hour manual operation.

Create the campaign once and apply

it to all the advertising platforms.

Create automated rules to manage your ad buying, like if my 3 day yield

is X I want to change my budget Y%

or pause the campaign.

Upload assets once and use 

them across variety of different channels without manual adjustment.


Apply best performing creatives from one channel to another hassle free.

Creative Analysis

Bulk campaign creation

Dynamic Budgeting

Stop Losses

Upload assets once

Optimizing on sub publisher level, white list and black list.

Mobile user acquisition, as the market grows, has become some sort of a "jungle" for most publishers, with hundreds of networks or channels to deal with. Configuring, monitoring and optimizing thousands of online campaigns is a labor intensive manual process for most. While the largest mobile gaming companies have the financial, technical and/or human resources to tackle this problem, most small to medium size publishers end up running mobile campaigns very inefficiently. I'm very excited to see coming up with, first of its kind, one-stop, DIY platform to solve this problem, 

at scale.


Before Acquired, we built our own tool to analyze our marketing data, but it took our engineers weeks to build, required ongoing work to maintain and update, and it wasn’t always accurate. Acquired now gives all our teams accurate data without any engineering work.

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Step 2

Create multiple campaigns at once

Step 1

Connect all your channels

You create a campaign template and automatically generates hundreds and thousands

of campaigns on its basis.

You connect all your existing channels. Also, we will connect to any ad platform you want, at no additional cost.

Step 4

Find bad performing campaigns

Step 3

Gather all data from channels and attribution services

AIO automates data gathering from all your advertising platforms and attribution and visualize it in a fully customizable pivot table. AIO allows you to compare campaign performance across advertising platforms

so you can see what really drives your business.

With just a couple of clicks, you can identify the channels, campaigns and creatives driving your best

and most qualified customers. Using our powerful

and flexible pivot table, you can easily drill deep into your data to compare revenue and other performance metrics on cohorts of users.  

Step 6

Stop Loss Rules

Step 5

Reallocate Budgets

Automated rules put more control in your hands.

Rather than checking the performance of your campaigns daily, automated rules can run these checks for you and take the actions you'd normally do manually.

Then reallocate budgets or stop campaigns from

the pivot table. AIO automates updating the campaigns across all channels with new settings for the budgets, bids, geos, and creatives.


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